Rams unveil yet another jersey

If Stan Kroenke needs to raise money to settle the St. Louis lawsuit, there are easy ways to do it.

The Rams are selling yet another new jersey, a year after unveiling a new uniform that introduced three jerseys into the mix.

This one officially is called a Modern Throwback. It’s based on the current base uniform but looks like the white jersey worn by the team from the 1970s and through Super Bowl XXXIV.

The Rams will wear it three times this season: In Week One against the Bears; in Week Nine for a Super Bowl XXXIV rematch against the Tennessee Titans; and in Week 10 at the 49ers.

They’re available here. Go buy one, and help build up the Stan Kroenke St. Louis lawsuit settlement fund.

Rams COO Kevin Demoff has said he’d like to unveil a new jersey every year. So be advised — that jersey for which you’re plunking down a hard-earned $119.99 now could be obsolete as soon as 2022. If that happens, Demoff would say to just think of it as a collector’s item, and p.s. AMF.