Excited Dog Knocks Down Man While Playing ‘Fetch’, Then Returns For Round 2

A man was toppled over by an excited dog in a video that has people in splits.

Animal lovers will vouch for the fact that there is hardly anything as joyful as watching a pet run around with its infectious energy. And right on top of the list of animals that can spread cheer are dogs, who are loyal to a fault and always ready for fun. However, recently, one man who was looking to bond with a pet dog over a game of fetch was in for an unpleasant experience. In a video shared by ViralHog, the man, named Declan, from Maine, USA can be seen stepping outside his car and throwing a twig for the dog to collect. The excited canine rushes straight towards the twig – but runs into the man instead.

The clip then shows the dog running into the open door of the car, while the man falls flat on his back and hits his head against the vehicle. While the dog immediately picks itself up and continues its pursuit of the twig, the man appears completely shaken by the fall. He is seen clutching his thigh and manages to lift himself up after several seconds. Just as he does this, the dog returns with the twig, presumably ready for a second round of the game.

Sharing details of the incident, the description of the video mentions that the “fall” occurred on June 23, 2021, in Kennebunkport, Maine. “This video took place in mid-June of this year and features my childhood friend Declan arriving at my house to work out with me and all my friends. After realising that his car was in the driveway we look outside from the second floor and see him sprawled out on the ground in agony,” the user, who submitted the video was quoted as saying.

“He soon came inside to tell us that my dog, Nelli, completely took him out when he was trying to throw her a stick. We went back into the camera history and found the time when it all went down,” the note added. “Declan did not tear his ACL and Nelli was completely fine as you see her bring the stick back waiting for him to throw it again.”

Viewers were left in splits at how nonchalant the dog was after watching the YouTube video.

One user, who goes by the name Steve Odin, said, “That dog means business…still serious about throwing that stick after the high-speed car crash.”

A second user, John Rodriguez, wrote, “Used to have a dog like this. She was crazy over the tennis ball. Nothing would stop her from getting it. Nothing!”

“Best part is when the dog brings the stick back and dudes still on the ground,” read a comment by Jara Botelho.

Many were also all praise for the single minded-focus of the dog.

“That dog ran 30 mph straight into a person, then a car door, jumped up got his stick brought it back and waited for it to be thrown again while the guy does a full-on Peter Griffin on the ground,” wrote a use, Jimothy Snooker.

“The dog hit the car door harder than the guy hit the gravel,” another user, who goes by the name Comanche Warrior, pointed out.